Biodegradable Baby Diapers

Corn fiber non-woven fabric (PLA non-woven fabric) is especially suitable for diaper, has a large amount of urine absorption, is easy to use, clean and hygienic, does not irritate the skin, and can reduce urinary rash, skin damage or dermatitis, and has low cost.

PLA corn fiber spunlace nonwoven

1) Renewability of raw material sources, fully biodegradable

2) The surface of the fiber is weakly acidic, similar to the pH value of human skin.

3) have a certain bacteriostatic effect

4) Good odor removal function

5) Good resistance to ultraviolet radiation

6) Non-flammable performance

7) Used for diaper, sanitary napkin, pad surface, absorbent bacteriostatic wipes and wipes, mask, semi-durable bedding

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